Specifications – KEY TAG CARDS

This is an original promotional method. The key tag card is the most widespread way of maintaining customer loyalty used by marketing banners. This promotional tool has a double advantage:

  • First, cardholders are generally entitled to a discount or a bonus on their purchases, which encourages them to increase their number of visits to the affiliate merchant.
  • In addition, its practical size that can be attached to a key ring has the advantage of being seen regularly and close at hand.

Generally, an individual bar code printed on the back of the key tag card is used to identify the client.
The triple key tag card model is offered.


To allow you to make a graphic layout that will meet the required technical specifications, here are the following guidelines to follow to optimize the plastic card process and manufacturing time.

Final card size:

Triple key tag card: 3.375 X 2.125” (86 mm x 54 mm)


  • 4/4 (color on front / color on back)
  • 4/1 (color on front / black on back)
  • 4/0 (color only on front)

Bleed size:

You must allow a 1/8″ addition (3.2 mm) of the bleed to the final size around the edge of the card to avoid the appearance of clear cutting.


Provide a cutting safety margin  equivalent to 1/8″ (3.2 mm) inside the card.

Type of files accepted:

  • AI Illustrator CS6 file types: (curved fonts & embedded images)
  • InDesign CS6 (fonts & images in a compressed folder)
  • High resolution PDF

Black quality:

It’s best to use a very enriched black (C: 65% – M: 65% – Y: 65% – K: 100%), to optimize the opacity of the black. This procedure is recommended for solids covering a large area.
Texts will remain in black only.