“Your message” or “PIN” under the scratch-off stripe (any shape)

DocuCards offers unlimited possibilities for scratch cards. Our unique digital technology lets you customize each of your cards for loyalty projects. Simple or complex, whatever the shape, there is no limit to what we can do. We handle your innovative artistic projects quickly and at an affordable price.

Just like our signature stripes, our scratch-off stripes are available in all sorts of sizes and at various positions on the card, depending on your needs. Use them to conceal a numerical code or the picture of a prize or instant discount! Unleash your imagination and create innovative marketing projects thanks to our advanced digital technology.

NOTE: Certain options require additional machine processing. As a result, abrasion marks may appear on the surface of the cards. We prefer to warn you in advance.

Spécifications techniques – Bandes à gratter

Spécifications techniques – Encodage de pistes magnétiques