In our plastic cards manufacturing department, cards are customized in a secure environment using a specific and controlled procedure. Our cutting-edge technology ensures the outstanding print quality of variable data. A numerical sequence control is used to guarantee accuracy.

A security sealing procedure is in place to ensure the security of our packages. First, we pack a box of 250 cards and seal it with tamper-proof adhesive tape, then we pack 10 boxes of 250 cards each and seal with more adhesive tape marked with a specific box number. Each package is clearly marked with the customer name, project name and project numerical sequence.


To ensure that all the steps involved in the manufacturing of your cards are carried out in a secure and controlled environment, you can send us your files via WeTransfer. We do not recommend to use email to send data.

Our control system monitors when production personnel sign in or out. Our department also uses RFID passes to monitor the comings and goings of personnel assigned to these tasks, particulary with respect to manufacturing operations. The entire operations center is under 24/7 video surveillance with backup recordings.

All non-compliant materials and any surplus or replaced cards are automatically destroyed.