“Your message” or “PIN” under the scratch-off stripe (any shape)

Documax offers a wide variety of fully customizable scratch card solutions for all your operational and marketing needs. Our unique digital technology ensures total control over the variable data in the database.

An unlimited variety of images can be added to the cards, each side of which is laminated with a mirror finish, giving them an elegant look. Whatever the shape of the scratch-off stripe, be it simple or complex, there is no limit to what we can do for you.

Template for all different types of plastic cards

The benefits that a membership card provides for all kinds of associations are undeniable. A membership card enables the identification of a person’s information, status and validity. The card can be personalized by adding a photo, contact information, a membership number or a bar code. It is the most common form of membership to an association or community. An official membership card takes the form of a PVC card similar to a credit card. Because they often come with certain benefits or privileges, membership cards are valid for a specific period of time and are marked with an expiration date.

Looking to reach new segments of the population?

Add a variety of games or symbols to the surface of your card.

Adding games promotes customer loyalty and is known to increase revenue in the short and long term.

Let your imagination run wild! Make each card unique by inserting a variety of images on either side. Collect them all: Join the collectible movement.

Launch a series of collectible cards by adding various illustrations to either the front or the back. Use the other side for your brand (logo) and any relevant variable information.

This highly effective tool is proven to increase or maintain brand awareness!

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