It is essential that data files be sent to us according to our specifications. Please take a moment to review these basic guidelines as they are crucial to the success of your project.


  • All variable data files must be in Excel format (.xls or .xlsx).
  • Include only essential information. All punctuation, spaces and other symbols cannot be used before or after words in the creation of the database.
  • Your files will be shown exactly as you created them. It is therefore imperative that you use uppercase and lowercase letters exactly as you want them to appear on the final print. If you want zeros before the numbers, format the cells accordingly (personalize / custom).
  • The first line gives a title to each column. Each title must be different. Each row contains the personalized information for a single card.
  • Avoid non-traditional fonts as some do not display accents correctly. Close and reopen your file and check that all the information has been saved. Then confirm that everything is as you want it to appear on the print.
  • Because you are responsible for any typos in your database, make sure to check everything before saving for the last time.

Please send us your databases at the same time as the graphics files for the cards.